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We can accommodate almost any phone system whether you are on VOIP and just need an mp3 file for your on hold message or if you need a on hold message recorded on an old fashioned tape cassette. We offer every format of message on hold, MP3, WAV, CD Audio and Data CD. There are not many phone systems out there that we can’t set up a on hold system on. If you have almost any 2 line or more system, we can get you promoting your business and products while you have your customers on hold.

Any format you need we can create a custom on hold message that will promote your business and products. Whether you just need to let your customers know what your office hours are or you need a custom message promoting your products or services we can help.



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Callers stay on the HOLD 25% longer when provided with On Hold Messaging versus “the silent Treatment” or “background music,” and up to 17% longer than radio. With Cell phones as the major player in what device is used to call,

Why Not? It's not the $$$$

Why Ad-Hold programs enable you to: Create New Profit for your business. Decrease caller hang-ups and lost sales. Enhance professional image. Reinforce your customer’s reasons for calling. Continue the selling. Introduce and promote products and services. Market one on one

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Customers left on-hold without any background music felt that a 30-second on-hold call actually lasted 90 seconds. Furthermore, customers thought a 30-second on-hold call that used music-on-hold lasted only 15 seconds. – AT&T Survey

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