On Hold Messages for your Office! We support all VOIP platforms!

How Much will my Custom On Hold Message program cost Me?


Custom On Hold Message pricing is based on how often your messages are updated throughout the year. How often you should change your messages depends on your audience and how often information about your products, services, specials, etc. changes during the year.  Prices start at $349 for programming.  * We offer annually and monthly, certain limitations apply. We are a service industry.

On Hold Program Options (Call or Chat for Pricing)

P1 – One Custom On Hold Message – $349.00

P2 – Two Custom On Hold Messages per year – $495.00

P3 – Three Custom On Hold Messages per year – $595.00

P4 – Four Custom On Hold Messages per year $685.00

P6 – Six Custom On Hold Messages 15% off – $777.75

P12 – Twelve Custom On Hold Messages 15% off – $1410.15 

Each Individual advertising program is approximately 4-8 minutes long consisting of 8-12 custom scripted messages. The customer selects music and voice talent.

*Additional location using same script pay only $279.00 licensing fee. Call for special pricing for multiple locations.

*Additional locations using custom script receive a 25% discount on the above rates.

Our recommended and optional equipment is our USBi Messager Mp3 Based Digital Player that is available for purchase of $279.00.

Additional voice selection $99.00

Season On-Hold Special

Equipment Special for non-VOIP users – USB Messager by Nel-Tech (Made in America) for $179.00 for the Summer ($279.00 Value!) with any program purchase.

Ad-Hold has an Custom On-Hold Message advertising program to fit every business need and any budget. We offer low monthly prices, with 4 months down, or you can make one annual payment each year to cover the cost of updating the program and to extend your music broadcast rights.

If you want to update your script and you have no updates available, that were purchased up front, the cost is $149.00 as long as it’s within the year of service.  If you are off contract and didn’t renew, but want to update your program, the cost is $349.00 for one program.

Call for pricing structure on specific programs to fit your business needs.  Toll Free 1-855-224-2537 ext. 103

VOIP Greetings for your auto attendant!

We custom create auto attendant voice trees and greetings along with our On-Hold programs. Call for a cost for your locations. Average AA greeting is $395.00


KEEP THIS MIND:  If you have the same customers calling each month placing orders or requesting support then you need to change the messages more frequently than if your customers only did business with you once a year or less frequently. You want to keep the messages current and fresh so your repeat callers will continue to listen and not tune the messages out. Ask about our different script formats designed to keep your callers attention!

All programs include licensed background music, professional scriptwriting, and professional male or female voice talent. ASCAP and BMI require payment of annual licensing royalties to play a radio, tapes, CDs or digital format on-hold. ASCAP and BMI actively police and pursue companies which play music without payment of royalties.


We offer our equipment at the lowest cost possible. Prices start at $159 for our Mp3 based Player. Check our current Specials to determine if you can get your equipment at no charge this month!  We use only the finest state of the art equipment. You get only the best from Ad-Hold!