On Hold messages can Increase Sales through On Hold
Advertising…Guaranteed or your money back!


Ad-Hold On Hold Messages Makes You Money or your money back!


  • Will increase awareness of the investment side of your business…thereby increasing sales…generating new profit!
  • Hold time seems shorter to the caller.
  • 16 to 20% of the callers make a buying decision based on information they heard while on hold!
  • Promotes your practice to a captive audience, the caller on hold!
  • Enhances image! Gain that 10th floor image!

 Customized Advantax Wealth On Hold Message Program! You could Receive…..



One 4 to 8 minute on hold Financial Advertising Program!
One 4 to 8 minute on hold Tax Season Advertising Program!
One 4 to 8 minute Holiday program!

Creative script writing customized to your own practice!


We create Avantax On hold messages designed to generate new profit!


  • Ad-Hold creates the script for you. We have created hundreds of scripts for Advantax Reps!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • National quality voice talent! You can hear the difference!
  • Licensed background music (All onhold music must be licensed. It is illegal to play unlicensed on-hold music!  We have a current
  • license and provide you a copy for your office.)
  • Programs are supplied to you by email as an MP3 or wav file, remote load (certain equipment needed), CD, Tape or 1.44 disc (Customer can supply and install onhold playback equipment or purchase equipment from Ad-Hold at discounted pricing.)

Ask for Pricing Details or Call (214) 299-8699  ext. 103