On-Hold Custom Messages

We can accommodate almost any phone systems whether you are on VOIP and just need an mp3 file for your on-hold message or if you need a on-hold custom programs or on-hold message recorded on an old fashioned tape cassette. We offer every format of message for on-hold, MP3, WAV, CD Audio and Data CD. There are not many phone systems out there that we can’t set up a on-hold system on. If you have a phone system with a hold or park function, we have you covered. We can get you promoting your business and products while you have your customers on-hold.

Any format you need we can create a custom on-hold message that will promote your business and products. Weather you just need to let your customers know what your office hours are or you need a custom message promoting your products or services we can help.

See our on-hold custom program pricing.

On hold Program Pricing