On-Hold Equipment Pricing!

At Ad-Hold we feature several types of on-hold equipment.

1. Local Loading USB Messenger Mp3 Unit – Thumb drive On-Hold Equipment, on-hold programs and music can be emailed to you.
2. Local Loading DP600 Mp3 Unit – On-hold programs or message can be emailed to you.
3. Local Loading DP700 Mp3 Unit – Thumb drive, on-hold programs can be emailed to you.

USB Messager On Hold player

USB Messager On Hold Equipment
$279.00 Exception value and Quality!

The Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous play audio source for message on-hold, background music or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required.

5-year parts and labor warranty.  On-Hold Equipment Designed and manufactured in the USA.


DP-600 On Hold Equipment MP3 Player


$179.00 Great quality at a great price!

The DP-600 is a single track on-hold player designed to meet the basic needs of companies that don’t change their program very often. Hidden inside its compact, no frill enclosure is a cutting edge design with the following features:

Superb On Hold Sound Quality
Don’t let the DP-600’s small size fool you. It is capable of playing both MP3 and WMA files compressed at the highest bit rate (i.e. the best sound quality.) Plus, the generous amount of internal flash memory makes it possible to play up to 4 hours of non-repeating crystal clear on hold music or your custom on hold program!

USB Connectivity
Say good-bye to memory card readers and special software drivers because we don’t need any. When it’s time to change the audio program, just plug the DP-600 into the PCs USB port and drag and drop the new file into the memory. No card reader or software driver is required!

Maintenance / Worry Free
Yes, plug it in and forget about it. That’s what most people do, and that’s perfectly okay with the DP-600. Worried about someone pressing the wrong button or choosing the wrong file? Don’t, because there is no button to press, and there is only one file available to play. Simplicity is just beautiful!

This unit carries a 3 year warranty and offers excellent sound quality and performance.


DP-700 On Hold player

$199.00 Awesome Value!

The DP-700 is a professional MP3 player specifically designed for on-hold and storecasting applications. It employs an external USB drive of 32GB or less, making it possible to store up to 99 files with a total recording time of 500 hours (based on 128 kbps bit rate). File copying is quick and easy since no card reader or software driver is required to access the USB drive.

Don’t let its small size fool you. The DP-700 is capable of playing MP3 audio at the highest quality possible (320 kbps) while some competitors only support up to 128 kbps. Although 320 kbps is often an overkill for on-hold, it may be a preferred option for storecasting and other applications.

Other than its superior sound quality, the DP-700 stands out from the competition with features like built-in monitoring speaker, 110/220V auto-switching power supply, bright easy-to-read LED display, universal output impedance and stylish case design.

The DP-700 is environment friendly with its low power consumption and budget friendly with its small price tag. It is also maintenance friendly because there is no internal cassette or CD player to wear and tear. Just plug it in and forget about it!

Although designed mainly as an on-hold player, the DP-700 can also be used in many other applications to replace traditional endless-loop cassette, tape, and CD players. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your application requires different features.

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