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Ad-Hold can assist in your business growth and impress your callers

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with a positive impression of your business while on-hold.

Ad-Hold On-Hold programs are for all types business offices!

We can accommodate almost any phone system whether you are on VOIP and just need an mp3 file for your on-hold message or if you need a on-hold message recorded on an old fashioned tape cassette. We offer every format of message on-hold, MP3, WAV, CD Audio and Data CD. There are not many phone systems out there that we can’t set up a on-hold system on. If you have almost any 2 line or more system, we can get you promoting your business and products while you have your customers on-hold.

Any format you need we can create a custom on-hold message that will promote your business and products. Whether you just need to let your customers know what your office hours are or you need a custom message promoting your products or services we can help.

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The Untapped Potential of On-Hold Messages in Marketing

The Untapped Potential of On-Hold Messages in Marketing

When it comes to marketing, every touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity. Yet, many businesses overlook a valuable resource that has the power to enhance customer experience and promote their brand simultaneously: the humble on-hold message. While the idea of...

Making a Strong Impression with On-Hold Messaging

Making a Strong Impression with On-Hold Messaging

Have you ever called a business and been put on hold, only to be subjected to boring, repetitive elevator music? It's frustrating, right? Not only does the waiting time feel longer, but it also gives off a negative impression of the company. Fortunately, there's a...