On hold advertising programs for plumbers


On hold advertising programs for plumbers

On hold advertising programs for plumbersAs a plumber, it is crucial to market yourself to your customers in a personalized and non-intrusive way in today’s challenging economic climate. Ad-Hold provides the perfect solution by creating a customized on-hold advertising program that meets the specific needs of your plumbing clients. While your customers are on hold, they will receive valuable information about your training, after-hours availability, and exclusive specials that they may not be aware of.

According to an independent study, 16.2% of callers who were exposed to an on-hold advertising campaign made a purchase based on the on-hold message. Therefore, as a plumber, it is crucial to tailor your on-hold advertising program to educate your clients about all the services you offer and utilize the time they spend on hold to upsell them.

As a professional, it is essential to avoid leaving your clients on the phone in silence. It is worth noting that 88% of callers prefer on-hold advertising over silence.

Custom on hold programs for plumbers will!

  • Enhance your image
  • Decrease caller hang-ups and lost sales
  • Turn a captive audience into active customers
  • Introduce and promote products and services
  • Reinforce customer’s reasons for calling

Below is an example of a on hold advertising program for one of our plumbers!

Sample 1

Sample 2

How to get started building my on hold program designed for a plumber.

  1. Client fills out form below to let us know you are interested in a on hold advertising programs for plumbers.
  2. Client faxes On hold advertising profile information to our offices in (Lewisville) Dallas, Texas.
  3. Client makes music and voice selections from demo tape or from the Music & Voice Selection Page from this website while we create the script (Or, we can make these selections for you if you give us music style and voice gender preferences.)
  4. Ad-Hold scriptwriters provide rough draft of the custom plumbers script for client approval 2-3 days after receipt of profile.
  5. After receipt of approved script Ad-Hold schedules voice talent and produces program with-in 2-3 days.
  6. Ad-Hold sends the program to client and the program is loaded or inserted into the player device.
  7. After installation, Ad-Hold calls to make sure client is happy and program is running and sounds great.


On hold advertising programs for plumbers


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