“Thank you for holding. Your call is important to us.” We’ve all heard this on-hold message before, but what if the message could be so much more? The hold music and message that you choose have a direct impact on how your clients perceive your brand. The ideal on-hold message should not only retain your clients but also engage them during their hold time. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with recommendations and insights into how to create the perfect on-hold message to enhance your clients’ experience and your brand perception.


  1. Tone of Voice: Your on-hold message should be consistent with your brand tone of voice. For example, if your brand is friendly and welcoming, your message should reflect that. The message should come across as if your clients are chatting with a knowledgeable friend instead of being put on hold by an automated system. You can also incorporate personality into your message by adding humor or even music that represents your brand.


  1. Hold Time: The on-hold time should be as short as possible, but the reality is that sometimes your clients will be on hold for extended periods. Consider varying your on-hold message to prevent your clients from becoming bored or frustrated. Try featuring different tips, news, or promotions that can inform or entertain your clients.


  1. Provide Information: On-hold messages are a great way to provide your clients with useful information, such as product updates, promotions, or any changes in your services. This not only keeps them informed but can also increase sales and engagement with your brand.


  1. Keep It Simple: A complicated on-hold message can confuse or frustrate your clients, resulting in a negative experience. Keep your message simple and focused, so your clients can easily understand and retain the information provided. Avoid using industry language your clients may not understand, which could frustrate them further.


  1. Test and Refine: Trial and error is integral when creating an on-hold message. Test hold time, message tone, and content, and refine your message based on feedback from your clients. You can also record your message using a professional voice-over artist to ensure the quality of your message.


A well-crafted on-hold message can contribute positively to your clients’ experience, and enhance the perception of your brand. By following these simple tips, you can create a message that not only retains but also engages your clients, reducing hold frustration and increasing engagement with your brand. Ad Hold is here to support you in crafting a message that aligns with your brand image and provides your clients with a productive experience. To find out more about how we can improve your on-hold message, visit adhold.com.