Being on hold is not something anyone enjoys, especially if it’s for an extended period. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you can’t always avoid placing your customers on hold. It can be frustrating for customers, and it poses an issue because they may decide to hang up and take their business elsewhere. However, what you say to your customers while they are on hold can determine whether they stay on the line or hang up. In this blog post, you’ll learn what you can tell your customers while they are on hold to keep them engaged and interested in your business.


  1. New Specials: One of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged while they are on hold is to tell them about any new specials or promotions you have. Make sure to provide enough detail about the special, such as the start and end date, and how customers can take advantage of it. You can even consider playing some soft music related to your promotion to add a little excitement while they are waiting.


  1. Hours of Operation: Another important detail you can inform your customers about while on hold is your business hours. It’s a common question that customers ask, and by sharing your hours of operation, your customers will feel confident when planning their visit. You can even include your after-hours emergency number as a bonus to keep your customers informed and satisfied.


  1. Services Offered: Take advantage of the time a customer is on hold and tell them about the variety of services offered. If there is a particular service that sets you apart from your competitors, it’s the perfect opportunity to share this information. Take the time to explain how the service works and how it can benefit the customer. Your customers will appreciate the extra information you provide, and it can even lead to increased sales.


  1. Directions to the Location: Giving directions to your location is a great way to help customers find you much quicker once they decide to visit. Sharing a few landmarks or a nearby intersection can be really helpful. This will give your customers an idea of the location while they are on hold, and it can even help ease any anxiety they may have about getting lost.


  1. Website Address and Company Policy: Lastly, consider sharing your web address while customers are waiting. Your website is a useful resource for customers to check updates and to confirm business hours on holidays. It’s also useful to inform callers about particular company policies, such as return policies or service guarantees.


Being on hold is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience for your customers. By sharing information such as new specials, hours of operation, services offered, location directions, and website information, you’re providing customers with valuable information that can keep them engaged and excited about your business. Remember, even small details can make a big difference, so take the opportunity to make the most of your customers’ wait time.