It’s risky to place a caller on hold, but it happens frequently. It’s risky since dropped calls cost your company precious sales opportunities and marketing funds! Why offer subpar service by having customers wait long periods of time on hold? By engaging callers and establishing a connection with them while they are waiting, on-hold messaging presents a tremendous marketing opportunity.

Increases the Retention of Callers

Finding out the business hours is one of the most popular reasons for calling a business. Use on-hold messaging to cut down on the time your staff spends answering questions and waiting on hold. Another popular piece of information that callers are looking for is your location. Including this in your on hold message can help your callers get information quickly.

Up-Sell or Cross Sell Products or Services

While clients are on hold, your on-hold marketing messages might advertise add-ons, extra services, and deals because you never know what else your callers and prospects could be looking to purchase. You can essentially make a new customer from someone that has never called your business before.

Reduces Hang-Ups

The only on-hold solution that has been demonstrated to reduce caller annoyance, improve the caller experience, and keep callers on the line up to 30% longer so you can assist them is on-hold messages.

Motivate Your Callers

A compelling call-to-action can make a huge difference in generating a sale when used to entice callers. What can you ask your callers to do next to potentially make them a customer?

Why AdHold?

Ad-Hold has been producing telephone on hold advertising programs since 1986. We offer the finest professional voice talent, and very creative scriptwriting. Our programs are digitally produced using a wide selection of licensed music. You can count on Ad-Hold to produce a on hold message that will exceed the highest quality standards. Our production and customer service staff are dedicated to insuring you receive only superior service and programming. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable, and we promise 100% total customer satisfaction. When Callers are on hold, why not use this time for your benefit? Ad-Hold on hold telephone on hold messages, allow you to use your telephone’s hold feature to reinforce, market, and inform your clients.

Keep your callers on hold longer and use every possible opportunity that you have. Give us a call at AdHold today!