When your callers are place on hold, what do they hear? If they are hearing silence or the dreaded music, you’re missing a great opportunity to sell to your clients. Research shows that near 70% of a business’s callers get put on hold. You can use this time to sell your products or services to them with an on-hold advertising message.

How Can On-Hold Advertising Help?

When customers call you, they are wanting to know if you can help them or solve a problem that they may have. With an on-hold message, you can potentially do that while they are waiting on hold. This will make every phone call productive and give your callers what they want – more information. All it takes is a recorded message to make a sale that otherwise may not have been made.

Use An On-Hold Message to Tell Callers What You Want Them to Know

Think about what you would want to tell potential customers. What would you want them to know about your business, your products, or your services? What quality can they expect? What specific problem can you solve? How quickly can you solve their problem? All of these questions are ones that you can answer with a simple on-hold message that your callers can listen to. In addition to answering any questions that your callers may have; you can also share additional information about your business. Some examples may be telling them your hours, your location, new services, or how to find you online.

Why Ad-Hold?

At Ad-Hold, we have been producing custom on-hold adverting since 1986. We off the finest professional voice talent, and creative script writing. We digitally produce all of our programs and use a wide selection of licensed music. Our goal is to exceed the highest quality standards while providing the client with a program that best highlights their business and answers any questions that callers may have. Our production and customer service staff are dedicated to ensuring that you receive superior service and programming. We promise total customer satisfaction and offer competitive and affordable pricing. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your program is delivered with the highest quality possibly. If you’re looking for additional marketing tools, adding an on-hold message is great tool that is easy to take advantage of. Get started making the most of the time that your callers spend on hold by call Ad-Hold today.