When people call your business and are put on hold, what they hear is important to what they will do next. Using this time to advertise your business and tell callers what sets you apart from your competition can make a better impression than leaving your callers waiting in silence.

How Ads Can Make for a Better Caller Experience

Many people say that when they call a business and are placed on hold, they are more likely to hang up if they are left in silence. While it’s beneficial for you to place your callers on hold, it can be confusing when they don’t hear anything. By simply adding music for callers to listen to while they wait, you’re increasing the likelihood of them staying on the call longer. If you take it one step further than that and include ads, your callers are nearly 80% less likely to hang up. Advertising to your caller while they wait on hold gives them something to continue actively listening and holding focus.

What To Share in Your On-Hold Message

With Ad-Hold, your on-hold message can be fully customized to best sell your brand or service to those that are calling your business. Our writers will write a script for your on-hold program based on the services that you offer, the history of your business, your mission statement, and more. In this script, you can include virtually anything that you would like to sell your brand to the caller. Whether you share your history of how you started your business, share what special pricing you have going on, or tell your callers about the exciting things you have coming, your message can be customized to tell your callers exactly what they need to know.

Why Choose Ad-Hold?

For more than 35 years, Ad-Hold has been producing on-hold messages with ads. Our profession voice talent, creative script writing and quick production makes our services a valuable asset to your business. You can count on Ad-Hold to produce an on-hold message that will exceed the highest quality standards. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you receive superior service and programming. You the time that your callers spend on hold to your benefit by giving them a branded advertisement to listen to while they wait. To get started with a customized on hold messaging program, give Ad-Hold a call today.