What your callers hear while they are on hold is important to the impression that your brand is making on them, especially when they are holding for an extended amount of time. While providing music for your callers certainly helps, adding a custom message can make a bigger impact and keep your callers holding longer.

How Does an On Hold Message Make a Difference?

Incoming calls come people who are already interested in your business, services, or mission. This makes them the best source for your marketing. However, if you place them on hold, you take the risk of losing their interest. It’s estimated that about seven out of ten callers get placed on hold. By using an on-hold message, you can keep callers interested and potentially reduce hang ups by about 78 percent. An on-hold message can make a difference by keeping your callers interested in your business and keeping them on the line longer.

What Would My on-Hold Message Say?

At Ad-Hold, we help you develop a program that is completely customized for your business and your callers. One way to use your custom on hold message is to tell your callers how you got started or how your business came to be. You can also share all of the services that you offer as well as any specials that you offer. It can say virtually anything that you want, however, we will help you ensure that you stay on brand while being clear and concise.

How Do I Get an On-Hold Message for My Business?

If you’re ready to get an on-hold message for your callers to listen to when they are on hold, Ad-Hold is ready to help. We offer free consultations to learn about your business. Once you’re ready, we’ll have one of our talented writers use what we’ve learned and information you provide to build a script. This script will be clear and concise while also keeping callers engaged while they wait. Once our writers finish writing a script, they will get our professional voice talent that you choose to record it. Next our production team will put your program together and add the music of your choice. Lastly, we’ll send it back to you so that you can listen to it and either make corrections or load it onto your phone system. It’s that easy. Call us at Ad-Hold to get started building a program that keeps callers listening.