When your clients or customers call you and are pout on hold, what they hear can be a vital part of your business growth. Utilizing on-hold messaging to run ads about the services that you offer could allow your business to grab customers and keep them interested in what you do.

Why is On-Hold Messaging Important?

It’s been proven that almost seven out of ten callers are placed on hold and 16-20% of callers make a purchase based on an on-hold advertisement. With numbers light that, it’s hard to deny that on-hold advertising works. Your callers are already interested in the services that you offer, so sharing even more information about your business while they are on hold, can increase the likelihood of them waiting to talk to someone about what you have to offer.

What Will Customers Hear?

It’s important that whatever message you chose to send to callers is clear and delivered with confidence. At Ad-Hold, we’ll help you write a script that accurately and effectively delivers your brand’s message and highlights your services to your callers. We’ll help you put together a script that contains 20 to 30 second advertisement blocks that share whatever information you want to share with your callers. All of our on-hold messages are customized to fit your brand’s message, mission, and vision.

What is the Process for Getting a Custom On-Hold Message?

At Ad-Hold, we try to make the process of getting an on-hold message as easy as possible for our clients. We can write a script based on the ads you what to share, or we can work with you on a script that you write. Once we get a script that sends an effective and direct message to callers, we’ll send it over to one of our professional voice artists to record. We’ll then add music and load it to your phones or send it to load on your phones. From there, your callers will start hearing the messages that you put together and your leads will begin to convert to clients.

At Ad-Hold, we’ve been producing high quality on hold advertising programs for over 30 years. We’re dedicated to providing the best service possible with competitive, affordable pricing and 100% customer satisfaction. If you want to start converting callers into clients, it’s time to ask, what are your callers hearing when they are on hold?

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