To succeed in today’s fast-paced professional environment, you must assure that clients (and potential clients) are satisfied with each and every component of the business experience. From the moment a client calls in until a contract is signed and a deal is finalized, every instance of dissatisfaction is an invitation to the competition, an opportunity for other companies and organizations to swoop in and make a game-changing deal.


And one of the most overlooked producers of dissatisfaction—one of the things that you’ll find to be a major source of frustration for clients—is being left on hold while lacking audio accompanies the wait. Moreover, you’ll also find that this time, when clients are on the phone and engaged with your brand, is a fantastic chance to achieve additional success.


The solution is simple, affordable, and highly effective: an on-hold message. Here at Ad-Hold, we’ve been crafting stellar on-hold messages since 1986, and our clients have been impressed not just with the quality of our work, but with the results that our work helps to create.


If you’re skeptical about on-hold messages, you’re not alone. However, the following information—the following ways on-hold messages can drive revenue—should clearly demonstrate how and why the audio is ideal for your brand.


Let’s take a look!


By Introducing New Products and Services


The first step towards selling new products and services is letting customers know about these products and services. On-hold messages take full advantage of the fact that customers are listening and waiting to be engaged. Mentioning new products and services can spur interest—and conversation with sales associates when the lines free up. In the long run, this means more revenue for the brand at-hand.


By Building Confidence


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make your company seem professional, and one lapse in appearance—a single error or failure to act—can compromise this appearance.


Unimpressive on-hold messages are all but sure to rub clients the wrong way.


Think about it from their perspective: they’re waiting to connect with an employee, and the same song is playing over and over again—or perhaps there’s no sound at all! Their time is valuable, and they have a lot to do. After a few minutes of this continuous strain, said clients will probably be feeling very strongly about your company—and not in a good way.


But if you provide meaningful information to clients while they’re on hold, respecting their time and business in the process, the chance of keeping them on (and of signing more lucrative deals) will increase.


By Going Above and Beyond


Business competition is so stiff today that success entails more than being a solid company; a brand must go above and beyond to thrive. And that’s just what on-hold messages help companies to do. You don’t need to optimize every detail of the customer’s experience, but doing so will move you one step closer to being an industry leader.


By remembering the little things, you’re reminding clients that you don’t forget the big things.


There’s never been a better time than today for you to invest in on-hold messages, which drive revenue by allowing new products and services to be introduced, increasing customer confidence, and making your company synonymous with “a brand that goes above and beyond.”


We’re based in Texas, but we serve professionals all over the country. We’ve been in business since 1986, and we handle every step of the process, from writing scripts to recording the audio, and everything in between.


Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to working with you.

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