You are probably familiar with on hold messages, those little runs of audio that fill the silence of being placed on hold. They’re often generic recordings. Just one recording is made to be used by thousands of various businesses. You might hear that same voice thanking you for your time and assuring you that you won’t have to wait long just about every other time you call a company. Other than the generic mass-produced messages, there are customized on hold messages, created with only one business in mind. The best way to put your callers on hold is to put them on hold with a customized message.

Generic messages do little to keep a caller on the line. The noise might break the silence and remind the caller that they haven’t been abandoned by your businesses, and so will keep some callers connected. Beyond preventing silence, generic messages do nothing else to hold the caller’s interest. You aren’t inspired to care about a meaningless voice that thanks you for your time, especially if you’ve heard it a hundred times before. You might be annoyed by the same tired songs in generic messages. As a caller, you might even be tempted to look at a competitor while you’re on hold.

The time your callers spend on hold can be made interesting and relevant to them. It’s logical to assume that your callers would be more interested in information relating to your business. Personalized messaging can be used to keep your callers updated on current events and news. This time can be used as an opportunity to give the callers educative information and advice that interests them. Interested callers are going to be more willing to hold for longer periods of time.

Telephone communication is one of the most popular forms of communication and one of the most overlooked ways to advertise. Not only are your callers already interested in your business, but they also already have a motive to stay on the line, making on hold marketing one of the most effective forms of marketing. You can utilize the holding time as a way to talk up products, services, or even causes that are important to your business. Use this time to tailor your messaging to information that is currently relevant to them. You can advertise brand new products, limited-time deals, and seasonal offers. Or use this time to encourage attendance to upcoming events.

Personalizing the on hold time is also a great way to influence how your company is seen. Custom on hold messaging makes it possible for your business to put out a consistent image. It allows for language that conveys a tone and style that is both familiar and engaging to your callers while best representing your business. You will be able to more effectively show and reinforce what your brand stands for, showcasing your company’s positions and values. The tailored messaging sends your callers the message that it’s your company that cares for their time and values, not some unknown voice.

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