Why Ad-Hold?

Ad-Hold has been producing telephone on hold advertising programs since 1986. We offer the finest professional voice talent, and very creative script-writing. Our programs are digitally produced using a wide selection of licensed music.

You can count on Ad-Hold to produce a on hold message that will exceed the highest quality standards. Our production and customer service staff are dedicated to insuring you receive only superior service and programming. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable and we promise 100% total customer satisfaction.

When Callers are on hold, why not use this time for your benefit? Ad-Hold on hold telephone on hold messages, allow you to use your telephone’s hold feature
to reinforce, market, and inform your clients.




These programs enable you to:

  • Create New Profit for your business.
  • Decrease caller hang-ups and lost sales.
  • Enhance professional image.
  • Reinforce your customer’s reasons for calling.
  • Continue the selling.
  • Introduce and promote products and services.
  • Market one on one with customers on hold.

Communicating Your Message

Ad-Hold on hold telephone advertising programs are simple and interfaces with virtually any telephone system.

The Ad-Hold program is designed to offer customized messages and music tailored
to your needs. All we need is information on your business and what you
want to say to your callers.

A Smart Business Tool

Your incoming calls are your best source of already interested, free prospects.
If you place them on hold you risk losing their call. Keep them interested
and their mind busy while they are on hold with Ad-Hold.


  1. 7 out of 10 callers are placed on hold. What are your callers hearing?
  2. 16-20% of callers made a purchase based on an offer they
    heard from an on hold advertisement.
  3. A messaging on hold system can reduce caller hang ups by
    almost 79%.

5 Reasons Why you should use Ad-Hold

What you tell your caller on hold is equally important than how it sounds. Not all on hold companies are created equal. Your on hold program needs to create trust and confidence and clearly convey the message that your company is the best choice. Stay away from puffery and platitudes that make you sound like everyone else. In most cases you only have 20-30 seconds to tell your caller why you are better than your competitor.
Did you know that playing music on your telephone’s hold system is considered commercial broadcast? Did you know that it is illegal to play music, even the radio, without paying the applicable licensing and royalty fees to those writers, composers and musicians who created the music? By federal law businesses are required to pay annual royalties to play music on their hold system. You could pay a hefty penalty if you are caught not paying when you play. So when selecting an on hold provider to produce your custom on hold program be sure they provide in writing their music licensing policy so you are protected.
Think twice before you decide on how many times you should update your script throughout the year. Many customers bite off more than they can handle. Sometimes less is best. How many times you should update your on hold program is based on how often information changes about your products and services and what kind of audience you have listening to the messages throughout the year. In other words, do you have the same customers calling in each month placing orders or are your customers only calling in once or twice a year or even less frequently? The answers to these two questions will tell you how often you should change your script throughout the year.
Any business regardless of size can install an on-hold marketing system at their business. Technology is available for even very small and home-based businesses to use our service. Whether you have a simple 2 line phone purchased at a local electronics store and receive only 5 callers a day or have a sophisticated business key system and receive hundreds of calls a day, an on-hold system will enhance your image and promote your services more effectively than any other medium.
According to a CNN survey- Without messages or music nearly 60% of business callers placed on hold will hang up. Almost 30% of these callers won’t call back. A survey by the North American Telemarketers Association reveals that callers will hold up to 3 minutes longer when hearing music with information.

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